Bright hope

I had an opportunity to watch Oprah Show and see how a woman with so many bad conditions around her, made her dreams, about her growth as a human being, come true. Tererai Trent, I call her name.

I supposed that every women that suffered all kind of mistreatment, had one hurt: being a "nobody" to others, one with no value. And I know  how hard is replace those experiences for others, much more lovely: if we didn’t change the belief first, we can’t made lovely experiences strong enough. That’s a daily battle with ourselves that I hope to win and help other people to do it too.

One day, around her eighteen years old, a volunteer from USA, come to visit Congo. The volunteer put all those women in a cyrcle and ask to them about her dreams and wished, a kind of question that no one hab been to them. Tererai said that she wanted to study in USA to be a PhD; her mother always talked about the importance of education: "women had rights to study too, as men", she used to say.

So, she wrote her dreams in a peace of paper and put it in a peace of alumminun for stick it on ground, precisaly above a stone that she made as table to do her brother’s lessons from school. Stick it was a kind of a raise a plant: all her dreams should come true. And that was what happens. Now she is too close to be a a PhD of an american university. Her mother said that she broken a poverty cyrcle of their family.

Her example, tell us to never give up our dreams. Thank you, Ter.

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